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The teak furniture stores in Miami carry several different types of Miami teak furniture, most of them priced very high. This is not surprise due the durability of teak furniture Miami, is a kind of naturally golden, tropical hardwood often used in making outdoor teak furniture as a result of its resistance to weather elements.  The wood is oily and naturally resistant to rotting as well as warping, expansion and contraction even under extreme climatic condition. The following are some common basic tips you can use to maintain your teak outdoor furniture so that it can last for generations.

Teak Furniture Stores In Miami Florida

Determine the kind of color you want your teak furniture in Miami wood to have. You can decide to maintain the initial brown color or you can let it turn silvery grey as a result of getting exposed to the elements of weather. Many people tend to prefer the weathered graying of teak furniture Miami. To speed up the graying, wipe often the natural oil produced by the wood, and after several months, your dream shall come to the realm of reality.

In case you want to maintain the original color of the teak outdoor furniture Miami, look for fine sand paper and remove the top cells that made the wood to turn grey. To have a smooth surface, sand with the grain and then wipe off the dust using a damp cloth prior to applying oil on the surface. Our extensive line of teak chairs, teak tables, teak sets, teak benches and teak accessories, will make any outdoor area look like a paradise with having to spend a lot of money buying directly from the manufacturer.

Teak Patio Furniture Stores in Miami

To maintain the natural brown color, you should oil the wood after every three months. The several layers of oil form protective coats that in turn help in protecting the wood from getting stained. You can use either teak or teak oil since both are natural products of Miami teak patio furniture store with no damaging effects on your wood.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Miami

Lastly, occasional and proper cleaning of your furniture is important since it helps n removal of material that would otherwise stain the seat such as bird droppings.  You can use a soft sponge or rag with water and soap to help in maintaining the high gloss of the wood. Copper scrubbers and furniture cleaners can also be used in removing tough dirt. We also carry a complete lines os teak Root furniture in Miami, including teak root benches, teak root chairs, teak root tables and teak root decoration products. Our unique teak root benches can be used in any outdoor or indoor area.

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