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Teak Furniture New York

New York is a great please to live, but the constant climate change makes really hard to find affordable teak outdoor furniture in New York. Teak Furniture USA has been supplying teak furniture New York for several years, and has become one of the best teak outdoor furniture stores suppliers in the area. Our extensive lines of teak dining tables, teak chairs, teak benches and many other teak decorations products, makes us your best option when looking to get the best possible quality teak furniture in New York at affordable prices.

Teak Furniture NYC

Some of our best seller teak furniture NYC sets are the teak extension tables with teak folding chairs, which are a great addition to any outdoor area with the versatility of being able to extend the table to have a bigger teak seating area. When looking to purchase teak furniture NYC be sure to ask for our satisfaction guaranteed policy, which makes buy from us easier. Our teak root benches are also very popular among our New York costumers, they are very durable and each and everyone of them has a unique look that will add to any area a touch of natural and eco friendly ambient.

Teak Root Furniture New York City

Our unique line of teak root furniture is very popular for outdoor or indoor area, we are constantly getting new unique pieces of root furniture like, root benches, root chairs, root dining tables, root log tables, teak root carvings and many other type of root decoration items. This items are connately bough by our costumers as complement of any teak patio furniture set or wicker furniture in NYC. Teak Furniture USA is the biggest importer and teak patio furniture store in New York City area.

Wicker Furniture New York City

Teak Furniture USA is also one of the biggest distributors of wicker furniture in New York, with a partnership with Jati Furniture USA, we have become the leader of wicker furniture in the area. We have more than 30 years in the market and have been able to put tighter a huge line of exclusive and comfortable wicker furniture sets which are very popular in New York and surrounding areas. Our collection of wicker furniture New York City includes: sectional sofa sets, wicker dining tables, wicker modular chairs, wicker armchairs wicker lounger and wicker chaises. These wicker products can be combined with any of our teak sets to complement a perfect exterior area. All of our wicker furniture products are handmade in Indonesia from eco friendly materials.

Rattan Furniture In NYC

Rattan furniture NYC is a great option if you are looking to furnish a cover patio or any cover area like lanai, sun room, florida room, pergola or any other area where the rattan furniture won’t get direct exposure to the elements like rain and direct sun. please visit our rattan furniture store in New York City and for sure you will find the best option to fit any rattan furniture need that you might have. Our rattan patio furniture collection includes: rattan patio sets, rattan patio garden sets, rattan dining tables, rattan dining chairs, rattan stools and many other exclusive rattan decoration pieces. Please browse around our website to see some of the option that you might like or feel free to contact us at any time for any inquiry about our rattan furniture collection.

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