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teak root bench

Teak Root Bench

Our line of teak root benches and teak root chairs are made from root of teak threes from plantations managed by the Indonesian government.  All our teak root benches and teak root chairs are handmade with 100% Natural Materials. We carry a great selection of this one of a kind root benches, each and everyone is unique and not two are alike.

teak root benches

Root Bench

Rustic benches are a hard fine, and if you are able to find some, for sure they will be very expensive. Teak Furniture USA has been supplying teak root benches and rustic outdoor benches for more than 2 decades and we have become one of the biggest US teak root and teak root furniture sellers. If you are looking for teak root benches for sale or root bench for sale, Teak Furniture USA is the great place to look for a great one at very affordable and cheap prices. We also have the best selection of teak root benches in the US.

root bench

Teak Root Chairs

teak root chair

This teak root chairs are great addition to any outdoor area. They give a unique natural touch and at the same time they are very durable teak root chairs that will last for decades. Most of our teak root chairs are made from 1 single pice of teak root, they are hand carved in Indonesia and then is coat of natural wax is applied to give them a darker finish with make each and every teak root bench unique and beautiful.

Teak Root Tables

Our teak root tables are very popular between our costumers and distributors, they are usually one of our best sellers since we carry from small teak root side tables that can be set on any indoor our outdoor area, we also carry bigger ones like teak root coffee tables, and even really big teak root dining tables. They make a great conversation piece also. Most of our teak root tables are used with the natural finish but you can always apply a different kind of finish like, teak oil or any kind of all weather varnish that will give a extra personalization to your teak root table.

Teak Root Ball

Teak root balls or teak root spheres like some people call them are also a good seller item, this are use by designers and interior decorators to complement any area, they can be also used as plant pots, orchids pot and air plant vases, but most of the time they are use just like a decoration teak root ball. All of our teak root spheres are different, they are all hand carved in Indonesia and then sanded to shape it as close as it gets to a sphere or ball. Most of our teak root balls are 20 inches in high but this size may vary since is understandable because they are all made from pieces of teak root that are being recycled.

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