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Patio Furniture Tent Sale

Teak Tent Event is a new concept created by us, making it really easy for local costumers to be able to see and feel our unique patio furniture tent in their own neighborhood. The main idea of the Patio Furniture Tent Event is to create an event, on one specific location once or twice a year, and having great sale items so people can stop by any of our locations and purchase our unique items at discount prices.

Teak Furniture Tent Sale

Some of the items you might find in our Teak Tent Event Sale might be but are not limited to: teak patio furniture sets, rattan furniture, wicker furniture, teak root furniture & decoration, Indonesian handicrafts, antiques from Bali & India and several other types of outdoor and indoor furniture, all of them with best price guaranteed prices.

Our Teak Patio Tent sales are a great option when looking to purchase outdoor furniture or patio furniture for you home. We carry a complete line of unique garden furniture all of the showcased in our HUGE patio furniture Tent.

Outdoor Furniture Tent Sale

You can rest assured that our products are covered by our 1-year warranty and we have a 10,000 SQF local Showroom & Warehouse in Orlando, which is open year long.

Dr. Phillips, Whole Foods Tent Sale

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